Invest in education
A Step For A Better Future
Fatwa of the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa No. 46205 for 2019
It authorizes investing in an education fund with Zakat charity or donation funds

As education is one of routes in which Sharia has acknowledged as desirable as ways to spend Zakat or Sadaqa (Charity), because Education is the gateway to building civilization, the beginning of the right path to life, and it is the only route that elevates human beings and societies to the level of humanity. Based on Sharia Fatwa No. 46205 in December 31st 2019, the Egyptian Fatwa House called upon those who are able to spend in the presence of goodness to extend a helping hand to national development and charity NGOs and Civil Society Organizations, and to contribute a part of their money and provisions for these valuable spending routes. These institutions constitute building blocks of educational and training progress, a tributary of important resources that develop human talents and capacities. The education aspect is one of the foremost religiously legal aspects of spending, legitimately and beneficially to those who give, and even the most influential on building civilizations and developing progressive societies.

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Fund purposes

Supporting educational availability, caring for the excelling, developing and establishing schools, providing employment opportunities and reducing unemployment

Educational Availability

Technical Education &Training For Employment


DR. Ali Gomaa Word

Education is the gateway to building civilization, the beginning of the right path to life, and it is the only route that elevates the human being to the level of humanity, and makes him aware of his own self, knowledgeable about his world, building the universe, purging the soul with decent morals, and worshiping God Almighty for in quran “Only those fear Allah, from among His servants, who have knowledge “Quran surah Fatir 28. Knowledge does not have an end, for every day we say “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” Quran surah Taha :114. Knowledge is what makes a person closer to knowing the truth “…but over every possessor of knowledge is one [more] knowledgeable” Quran surah Yusuf:76. 

For all this credit, and for all this importance was the emergence of the Education Fund, which makes use of all the inherited and modern formulas such as endowment, investment, management and education to reach its great goals in building a person with knowledge, education, skill, and giving.

This is the charitable investment fund for education, and it is a step towards a better future.

Participate, initiate, and continue to give And indeed, “the home of the Hereafter – that is the eternal life, if only they knew”Quran surah Al ‘Ankabut: 64. Dr. Ali Gomaa, the former Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt And the current head of the board of trustees of Misr Elkheir Foundation.

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