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Benefits of the Investment Fund

First: The Specialized Management of Investment of Funds

The specialized management is the main feature of the fund, as the experience and knowledge of the fund manager are utilized by Mubasher Company for the formation and management of financial portfolios and investment funds, which manages the fund by making the best investment decisions from investment decisions being one of the biggest companies specialized in investment fund management.

Second: Diversification of investments

The Fund’s management follows an investment policy that aims to achieve the highest return on the Fund’s investments, while maintaining the capital so that the investment policy followed is the guarantor of permanent capital, while reducing the size of the risks by diversifying the investment assets, whereby the investment manager company exerts efiorts to the best of its ability to make a good choice of investment tools, following all the established rules issued by the Financial Regulatory Authority.

Third: The Actual System Administration

Misr Elkheir Foundation has been contracted with its education sector bearing the responsibility of implementation
activities of projects and other aspects approved by the Board of Directors of the Education Development Fund to achieve the highest level of performance , integration, and strategic coordination with Misr Elkheir’s regulations.

Fourth: Cooperation With Major Institutions

This is done through preparing joint programs in the aspects of the Fund’s work in order to achieve the mutual corporate goals, available banks, and the fund’s company.

Fifth: Monitor Of The Fund There are several controls on the fund that include

1-Direct supervision by the Financial Regulatory Authority, which is the competent authority through which the fund was established.

2-Supervising the general assembly of the fund to ensure achievement of its purpose.

3-The supervision of the Fund Board on the overall performance of the Fund in accordance with the performance indicators established by the Board.

4-The fund is audited by an auditor from among those registered with the Financial Regulatory Authority, which were appointed by a decision of the general assembly of the fund based on the proposal of the Board of Directors.

5-The Board of Trustees is one of the major participants in the fund.

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