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Eida is a rural shepherd girl


Her dream was to go to school, and she realized her dream through Misr El kheir attending a community school in her village. Eida obtained her primary certificate and she is currently in the preparatory stage. Now she dreams of joining the university

A Deprived Village


The village of Al-Znaiqa in the governorate of Luxor, did not have a school, consequently, the residents refrained from sending their children to learn in schools in neighboring villages as a result of remote distances and exposure to danger. Therefore, the illiteracy and dropout rates of the village increased. Accordingly, Misr El kheir Foundation established a primary public school to provide basic educational opportunities for the village, especially girls.

A Technical Vocational Education School

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The students of the Petrochemical Technical Vocational Education School in Suez won the second place in the global Student Mechanism and Robot Design Competition in the United States of America for two years in a row, which helped provide a successful perception of technical vocational education schools and contributed to improve the perception of its graduates.

Menna’s disability challenge

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Menna, a blind girl who graduated from the Faculty of Information and enrolled in training courses for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and obtained courses in the field of English, as well as obtaining the International License for Computer Driving (ICDL), Later, She joined a free customer service training, then worked in Telecom Egypt through the Disability Employment Program in partnership with the Misr Elkheir Foundation.

Since her first day in Telecom Egypt, she had shown great interest in training and rehabilitation, therefore special programs have been provided for her to help her read the computer screen by converting the written text to “sound” through Ebssar program. Outstanding performance has been achieved by her which exceeded the usual performance rates, and then she was promoted to become the HR officer of the company.

Nada from Ismailia

She had joined the Italy Scholarship and passed four school years instead of 5 years due to her academic excellence in fashion design, and now she designs and produces clothes.

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